Saturday, August 18, 2007

Britney spears New Romance & Dating

chris angel who is dating with britney spears
britny spears under love spell
New roumors have come that pop singer brittaney spears is dating with chris angel . The reports indicate that both are dating together. Both were seen on august 15 dating in a hollywood. After sometime, both headed into a hotel, after that none knows what has happend. Chris angel is an illusionist and he already dated and tasted cameron diaz. Now he is after britney spears. Now britteny spears needs him very much. But he says he just met britney on MTV recording but there was no dating or romance issue between them. Already britney is under distrubance. She needs magic spells , romantic hypnosis from a reliable guy like chris angel which will pacify her disturbed mind and makes quiet for our joy.
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