Monday, July 09, 2007

Britny spears Poem on MOM

britney spear swinging between tensions, in white gown
Brittny spears wrote a poem on mom,, a poem filled with hatred and helplessness by brittany spears and claimed that she had no mom hereafter. She handed over this to mom too. This situation is peculiar and delicate. Mom broke down after reading this poem by her daughter. This proves that moma has love and affection for her daughter. But daughter is in a peculiar situation and nobody to understand her. She sent a legal notice that brittanyspears mom should not try to meet britney’s sons. Britney spear also changed her will so that the caretaker would be her sister.

Britney spears mom tried to meet the children with the help of Kevin fedderline. Britny spear found this with the help of the detectives. When son inlaw is understanding the heart of old mama he is helping the grandsons to meet their grand ma. But brit never likes this for her reasons. Can we deny the right of meeting from the grandmother, grandsons, son in law side?

Anyway, we have to think from britney spears point of view too as she is now in a special condition and a bit depressed. Situation is very delicate and to be handled carefully.



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