Monday, July 02, 2007

Britney spears divorce status

Britney spears husband kevin federline is not accepting for divorce proposal recently. It seems he is concern about the health, behaviour of his wife brittany spears and his two children. It is commendable. Atleast this guy is taking more care than britney spears about the family. It also appears that britney spears is in a state that can not apprehend properly the family responsibilities, and roles to be played. If she understood she would not be in such hurry for divorce nor behave exotically.

In fact in such troubled times only she needs a husband to care her and to instill confidence in her. Not the doctors nor the hospitals can cure the latent insecurity feeling. If she spends with family properly, happily for two weeks, all the troubles in her life would vanish. The young children can fill new joy in the disturbed mind of the mother. She has to live in the youngsters world to getrid of the tensions .The news also says that Spears embarked on several months of hard partying following her November split from the aspiring rapper, during which she was photographed without underwear, hit a photographer's car with an umbrella and shaved her head.
The happy family of britney spears with husband kevin fedderline

federline kevin seems not upset because of the money distribution but the partying of britney spears and way she behaves in those parties is concern to him. Money distribution between them has been completed amicably. They use a term "global divorce settlement on all issues of their marriage: " which is difficult to comprehend. what is this globalisation of divorce and marriage?The agreement meant the two boys would spend most of the week with Spears, but the couple would share joint legal and physical custody of the tots.Kevin is concerned about the well-being of their two young sons, Sean Preston, 21 months; and Jayden James, 10 months.



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