Saturday, April 21, 2007

britany spears divorce reason

britny spear married life and mental life analysis through horoscope
If you consider the horoscope of britny spear , the reason for her disturbances and divorce in her family life, married life would be understood.
Her 7th house of partnership has Aries on the cusp, and its ruler, Mars, trines Venus and squares Neptune. This suggests on one hand a natural, healthy exchange, especially on a physical level in britny spear close partnerships; and on the other, a tendency to idealize her relationships and confuse her partner with ambivalent actions

Saturn in Libra
One could experience enmity and bitter quarrels in partnerships with the risk of losses and legal proceedings, while in marriage there could also be disputes and acrimony and jealousy.
Neptune in Sagittarius. one is likely to get wanderlust, vague feelings of discontent, experience strange dreams or ideas, become emotionally over
sensitive and develop curious psychic states of mind. This happens when one allow negative emotions to crowd out your more positive thoughts and feelings. Britney spear has these, and the emotions crossed the limit.

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