Sunday, August 12, 2007

Britney spears New CD

Britney Spears' New CD in Starbucks Tuesday
Britney spears is releasing her New CD (album) this tuesday in starbucks. The release of this cd is long waited by fans. Britney spears chose starbucks to release the CD because she felt heartily that starbucks had always been her refuge whenever she was misunderstood by the world or family. Nice decision . This shows she is sentimental too. Though she is upset by the baseless stories by tabloid, a venti strawberry frappuccino would bring satisfaction smile on her face. Her music "Here I come again" is circulating via pirate bay. This cd also contains a hidden track, the delightful, reggae-infused “Me and My Frap (Don’t Take No Crap).”
Many of the titles for her songs come from her real life incidents. Titles on Here I Come Again—”Strap It On, Girlfriend,” “Rehab Don’t Pay No Rent,” “Drivin’ with the Lights Off”—might have been based on her real life headlines in past one year. BritneySpears’ lyrics are similarly up close and personal. The new cd may throw additional light on her life happenings, from her side. In the song “Hershey Highway Blues,” she sings: “It’s OK in the front; but I luv it in the back; I like to see my honey with some chocolate on his sack.". She keeps lot of meaning behind every line.In “Mama Does It Doggie Style” she sings “I know my Momma she ain’t no angel; my momma she gets plenty wild; she told me that when she gets horny, she likes to do it doggie style.”. This shows her disappointment with her momma. The other titles in the CD are Here I Come Again include “Shavin’ the Night Away,” “ My Two-headed Lover,” “Hot to Trot” “Lindsay Gets a Facial,” and “Put It Here".

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