Saturday, August 11, 2007

How Much Money Britney spears has

britney spears has lot of money earned through her albums
Britney spears is oneway lucky. She earned lot of money out of her talent and effort. It is estimated that brittney spears grossed about $40.5 million with her music archestra tours and also sold 8.1 million copies of her second album. She got power rank of 4 in earnings. britney spears other ranks:money rank: 16
earnings: $38.5 mil
web hits: 981,000
press clips: 19,607
magazine covers: 5
tv/radio hits: 18
She has very large number of web hits. That shows how all the world is interested in her daily life as well as her music.She earns lot of money through her concerts for kids.SFX, the concert promoter, generates her at least $200,000 per show for a 100-show tour. Advertisers love anyone kids love. Spears has deals worth $6 million with Clairol, Polaroid and the Got Milk? campaign
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