Saturday, August 11, 2007

Britney spears life story

britney spears life story explained
Princess of Pop , britney spears, began her performing career in local productions and church choirs initially. When she succeeded in impressing the folks, she started appearing in commercials and off-Broadway plays.Around the age of 11, young Britney joined a 1990's revival of The Mickey Mouse Club TV show,.Here she started appearing with future teen-pop stars Christina Aguilera, J.C. Chasez, and Justin Timberlake.

Seeing her talent , Jive Records gave her a record contract in 1994, and expressed interest to promote her Mickey Mouse Club image.Britny spears started producing such early hits as the sweetly saccarine Soda Pop and Born to Make You Happy. She was very beautiful in these pop albums.
Britney Spears' perky innocence was avarage hit, however, when britny's racier second album Oops!...I Did It Again entered the album charts at number one and sold 9 million copies. Her oh baby baby one more time song lives always in fans hearts. This song has some special attraction and her expression in this song is too good.

Lucky britney spears got series of hits like I'm a Slave 4U accompanied by videos that began to surpass Madonna in various states of undress.
During these days she loved and had affair with justin Timberlake . But some how she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander surprising all the fans and world. But the marriage with jason was annulled few days later. Britney does many things in surprising way like this.
Next year, britny spears announced her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline and gave hint of her plans about starting a family.But, in 2005 Britney Spears was back in high profile with a new video, Do Somethin' and picked up her first Grammy Award for Toxic in the Best Dance Recording category. Spears confirmed tabloid rumors that she was, indeed, pregnant with her first child and later gave birth to a baby boy, Sean Preston, on September 14, 2005. After this what happend? entire thing is in these columns only, in this site.



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