Thursday, August 16, 2007

Britney spears lesbian?

britney is suspected having lesbian relation with shannon funk her assistant
With all due respects to our lovely , pop singer britney spears, we explore the news item that britney spears is a lesibian . The news suspects that britney is having lesbian love with her personal assistant Shannon Funk during a topless romp in a swimming pool. Not only in this topless swimming affair, otherwise also , paperazzi say that she kisses and cuddles her personal assistant . She loves to touch her and hug her. Shannon has been a great friend to britney too and she sympathised in all her troubles.While Funk denies having bedded the troubled pop-star she is forthcoming about her feelings towards Britney. "I love that girl," she told OK! "I will do what I can to protect her."
Now it is not wonder if she has taken care of every thing that helps the singer to get solace. But any way we have to take every thing that paparazzi say with pinch of salt. It is not wise to sling mud on the fallen people.
nice thighs of shannon funk exposed
flat chest of shannon funk, who is lesbian partner of britney spears

if britney loved to bed as lesbian with her assistant shannon funk is true, we have to explore the charms and beauties of that funk, let us see her everything in these pictures and why britney turned lesbi .when you see the exposed thighs and exposed br
easts of shannon funk, there is nothing wrong if some woman turned into a lesbian.

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